Hello, penguins!

I have made a page, especially dedicated to the improvement of my site.Meaning,

my viewers will help me improve my site, and get me more views.

So, if you get me a lot of hits, then you might get to be on my blogroll, and maybe

get to be one of my buddies. You can just leave a comment, saying what needs to

be improved, and maybe how to fix it. I did this because it would make since  to

let my viewers tell me how to improve my site. I mean, I don’t know what you want, so

you should tell me! So, just leave a comment saying what can be improved, and maybe,

if you know how, tell me how to fix it. Oh, and SSIP stands for Sushi1896’s Site

Improvement Project.


3 responses

21 07 2008

I so want to help you. Check my comment on the other page.

24 08 2008

Look, Sushi try to advertise c’mon. Here is the amount of hits people get in a week…

Watex: 400,000 (approx.)
Mmopuk: 1,000 (approx.)
Sushi: 150 (approx.)


17 04 2009

mmopuk, like ur theory!

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