Ninja Training

Hello, penguins!

 Card-Jitsu is out, and here is how to play!

OK, the basics. Go to the Sensei, and click how to play. You will then get your starter deck, and can now play Card-Jitsu!

Now, for the rules. 1.Fire beats Snow

                              2.Snow beats Water

                              3.Water Beats Fire.

If you have the same kind of card, then the higher number wins. If they are the same, it results as a tie. If you use you special card, then the next turn, if there is a tie, then the lower card wins.

To win, you must get three of the same kind, but different colors,


or one of each kind, but different colors.


There are 9 different kinds of belts, black being the highest, white being the lowest. Once you get a black belt, you go face the Sensei. If you beat him, you can become a ninja!



But, you want to know how to get each belt a little faster, right? Well, here is how to do that.

First off, here is the estimated number of wins you need to get each belt.

White- 5-7 wins

Yellow-7-11 more wins

Orange-8-12 more wins

Green-9-13 more wins

Blue-10-14 more wins

Red-11-15 more wins

Purple-12-16 more wins

Brown-13-17 more wins

BLACK- 14-18 more wins

These are on my predictions, so they may not be spot-on.

To get your belts easier, try to face in front of the Sensei each time, because I think it gives you more experience points, and you have to be in front of the Sensei in order to get your next belt. Try to face other penguins with a higher belt to get more points. So, for further help, here’s how to win.

I always start out with the highest water I have. If there is no water, my highest snow. About 70%-80% of the time, you will win the first card. On the second round, I use the lowest water I have. If I don’t have another water, then my lowest snow.After that, you;ll probably either have two waters, or one water one snow. If you have two waters, then use a fire, because they’ll probably use a snow to block the water that they think is coming. If you have on water one snow, then use a snow, because they’ll probably use a water to block the supposed fire. After this, on either ways you have went, you should have two of the same kind and one other one. Now play the kind of card that you have one of.*FOR EXAMPLE* Let’s say you have two waters and a snow. If the other player had a high water that was higher than yours, they would use it, because it also blocks fire. So, change it up, and use a snow. You now have three ways to win, and YOU choose which way to go to victory!

Based on this, you should probably win most of your games. I once won thirteen in a row!



5 responses

9 12 2008


9 12 2008

being a ninja is soooo awsome and cool. go cp!!!!

17 04 2009

Well I’m not a ninja but my bff is

3 06 2009

can u believe Sensai is being smart now? he’s making a chart for all the things we have in the dojo like cards and training! -_-” Sensai

15 06 2009

well i became a ninja earlier and beated sensei and wore my mask the next time i logged in it wasnt there i checked my inventory i have all the belts i beated sensei alot of times and still he dnt give me a ninja mask and plus i wont enter the hideout.


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