Club Penguin Cheats

Hello, penguins!

Welcome to my first ever Club Penguin Cheats Page! I hope you like it!

Walk on Path Cheat

1. Click on a path from the room you’re in, to another.

2. Quickly open your Penguin Mail.

3. Wait 20 seconds, and open it back up. You’re now standing in a path!

Home Page Glitch(my own find)

1. Go to the home page of the Club Penguin site.

2. Zoom in 700% at the bottom right corner of your screen, if you have Windows

3. Scroll all the way to the right or left. You can now see animations waiting to go across the screen!

Blank Chat Bubble

1. Press the space bar, and then press enter. A blank chat bubble will appear.

Rockhopper’s Key

1. Go to the Book Room and click on the books.

2. Choose Rockhopper’s journal.

3. Flip to the back of the book. You will then find Rockhopper’s key, which is also a pin!

Rainbow Bracelet

1. Go to the Book Room and click on the books.

2. Go to Rockhopper and the Stowaway.

3. Go to the last page, and click on the big Rainbow Bracelet!

Secret Levels on Astro Barrier

1. Play Astro Barrier

2. Plat until you get to level 10 or 30

3. Wait about 30 seconds, and a blue ship will appear. You will then enter the Secret Levels!

Skip Astro Barrier Levels

1. At the screen that is present after you press the start button on Astro Barrier, press 1,2,or 3 to skip to levels 10, 20, or 30!

Catch the Big Mullet on Ice Fishing

1. Go to the Ski Lodge, and play Ice Fishing

2. Play until you see a big fish is in deeper waters.

3. Quickly catch a yellow fish, but don’t reel it in.

4. When the Big Mullet comes by, he will grab onto your yellow fish, and you’ll get a 100 coin bonus!

Dessert Mode on Pizzatron 3000

1. Go to the Pizza Parlor and go play Pizzatron 3000

2. On the starting screen, look at the switch in the bottom right hand corner, and click it if you want dessert mode!

Jet Pack Adventure Coin Bonus

1. Go play Jet Pack Adventure at the Beacon

2. Go through the whole game without touching a single coin.

3. At the end, if you didn’t touch ONE COIN, you will get a 1000 coin bonus!   ( WARNING: this is very hard, especially when you get to the fans!)

Weird Clothing Dance

1. Get on two items that make you do a special dance, such as the maracas and the ping-pong paddle.

2. Start dancing, and open your player card.

3. Quickly take off everything, and put the tourguide hat on.

4. You will now be doing everything at once!

Appear anywhere in the room

1. Go to any room

2. Open your map and click on the place you want to go.

3. While it is loading, frequently click on the spot you want to appear at.

4. You can now appear anywhere!( except places you can’t walk)

Talk with the Ultimate Safe Chat selection while playing a game

1. Go play a game such as Card-Jitsu, Mancala, Find Four, or Treasure Hunt.

2. Click on the top of the screen that shows the game you’re playing, and drag it to the right

3. Click on the chat selection and talk while playing!


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