Easter Egg Hunt, New Play, and New Pin!

11 04 2009

Hello, penguins!

The Easter Egg Hunt is out on Club Penguin, and so is the award winning play, The quest for the Golden Puffle! Plus, don’t forget the new pin!

First off, here is the cheats for the Easter Egg Hunt!

1.Click on the light to the right for the first egg.

2.The second egg is in the bottom right hand corner of the Cove.

3.For the third egg, click on the place you would click to play Cart Surfer. A cart will role up, with the egg.

4.The forth egg is in the lantern to the right at the Dojo Courtyard.

5.For the fifth egg, click on the gray fluffy hat in the Gift Shop.

6.For the sixth egg, click on the fish in the Ski Lodge.

7.Click on the top of the sign in the Ski Hill to get the seventh egg.

8.At the Beacon, click on the OFF-ON sign and the egg will appear in the light bulb.

Once you have found all the eggs, click “Claim Prize”. You will get the Pink Bunny Ears.

There is also one cheats in the Costume Trunk.

Click on the Golden Puffle on page two to get the Crook & Flail.

Well, that’s it! Come back for more Club Penguin Cheats!




One response

14 04 2009

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