3 04 2009

Hello, penguins!

I’m really sorry for the late post or should I say the really late post. There are a lot of new things here, and I’ve missed them all with a busy schedule, and my pictures weren’t working again, so I got really mad and took a break for a while. So, for a few posts, I will not use any pictures, and I’m really sorry for that. I know that a picture can tell a thousand words, but for about a week or few, you’ll just have to hear hundreds. Ok, I guess I’ll start now.

1 The Penguin Play Awards came out about two weeks ago, and you can vote for who you think is best in costumes, best overall play,music, effects, and sets. I hope the Squizoid play gets best overall! You can meet famous penguins Backstage, and I’ve met Aunt Arctic and Cadence!

2 There are also some cheats in the catalog. Here they are!

On the first page, click on the big trophy for the Penguin Awards background!

On the Penguins that Time Forgot page, click on the grass hat on the P in Penguins. You will get the Time Hat.

On the Squizoid page, click on the vs to get the Squizoid Costume.

Oh, and there is the Penguin Play Awards Trophy as a free item in the Backstage. The non-members can now go to the Stage, but not Backstage.

3 Also, there is a new pin, and it is the Top Hat pin. You can find it at the Lodge Attic.

4 There is a new Ninja catalog, and you can buy new stuff at the ninja hideout. You can now buy the White Gi or the Tea Table…. I think they could have made more items than that!

5 Also, there is a new font on Club Penguin! I think it is much better than the old one, because it was kinda boring….

6 There is also a badge update. You know that special badge that you get if you are a member? Well, there is five different levels. The longer you have been a member, the higher your level is. You can tell which level you are on by looking underneath your badge for ribbon-like things.

7 OK, there is a new Snow and Sports Catalog on Club Penguin, and here are the cheats.

Click on the green baseball penguin on page four to get the green baseball hat and the green baseball uniform.

Click on the pitchers mound to get the red baseball cap.


8 The April Fools Day Party is out, and here are the cheats….

If you go inside the Mine, then there is a box of Blue Propellers. Go over to them to pick one up.

There are portals that take you to differant places around Club Penguin all over the island. Walk over them, and they will take you to different places.

 Go to the Box Store and buy a portal, then put it in your house. Walk over it, and you will go into a secret member room! It is like a Box Deminsion.

All right! That’s finally it! Come back for more Club Penguin Cheats!




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