Penguin Play Awards Update

17 03 2009

Hello, penguins!

Billybob has released a post about an update of the Penguin Play Awards! Here is the post…

As the St. Patrick’s Day Party wraps up, a lot of you are helping with construction around the Stage. This Friday, the first Penguin Play Awards will begin, and you’ll be able to dress up, walk the red carpet, and vote for your favorite stage plays in different categories! The team’s looked at the website poll results and your comments, and we’ve got a list of the Club Penguin community’s 5 favorite plays. Which plays do you think made the top 5?


Members will have access to the inside of the Stage, where there will be a few extra surprises.

The Penguin Play Awards go from March 20 – April 9, and I don’t want to give everything away yet, but the team’s really excited because this event is mostly about giving you the chance to be creative with all the special things you’ll find in and around the Stage.

Ok, that sounds really cool! I can’t wait!

Well, that’s it! Come back for more Club Penguin Cheats!




2 responses

18 03 2009

Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

30 03 2009

Hi 003JP,

Nice site! I bet you worked so hard to get something this amazing!

May I please be on your blogroll as “Kingpin2” or “Club Penguin Cheats”?

Thank You,

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