White Puffle Caught in Video!!!!(And Rockhopper is Coming!)

23 02 2009

Hello, penguins!

Club Penguin has released a video on Club Penguin that has a very secret surprise in it! (even if they make a hint of something secret, bloggers always find them!!) Take a look!


This is my picture, and it was really hard to get the image from the video. So, I put my name on it…. You can get it easier by going to the part where the puffles are stampeding, and play the video, and quickly stop it. Keep on doing this, and you can then catch the white puffle much easier.

Also, Rockhopper is coming on the 27th and you can see him in the telescope!


Well, that’s it! I think that Rockhopper will bring the white puffle back with him from Rockhopper Island!

Comment on what you think Rockhopper will bring back with him!




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