Better Igloos Catalog Sneak Peek + New Puffle Color!

19 02 2009

Hello, penguins!

Billybob has released a picture of a sneak peek of the Better Igloos Catalog! It has a picture of the new puffle posters coming to the catalog on Friday! Take a look……….


Pretty cool, huh? I only have one puffle, because I don’t like how my igloos look with tons of puffles. My puffle’s name is MooCow! I love cows, well, actually I have a random liking for them….. They’re my favorite animal other than the dog. My puffle is green, so I’ll be getting a lot of green puffle posters!

Anyways, there is a strange puffle color that is coming probably when the party starts! Club Penguin has released new wallpapers, and it shows all seven colors……. or eight? Take a look!


What color could it be? I’ve heard rumors of the orange puffle!


Well, that’s it! Comment on what your puffle’s name is, and what color it is!

Come back for more Club Penguin Cheats!




One response

19 02 2009

Propel was my first puffle EVER on CP and I still have it to today. It is blue.
But I have a green and Purple Puffle too.

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