New Newspaper, Pin, Stage, and PUFFLE INTERACTIONS!

14 02 2009

Hello, penguins!

Club penguin has released a lot of new things. But first, I will tell you where all the unopened boxes and signs are!

They are at the following places- on the Coffe Shop, on the Gift Shop, at the Night Club, at the Plaza, at the Forest, at the Cove, at the Lighthouse and Beacon, and finally at the Pool, Ski Village, and Iceburg. That’s a lot of boxes!

There is also a new pin! It is the Box O Puffle Os Pin.


There is also a new Stage play out. It’s Blue Team VS. Red Team! You are able to throw dodgeballs instead of snowballs!


There is only one cheat in the Costume Trunk. Click on the penguin’s dodgeball to get the Red Viking Helmet.


There is also only one cheat in the Puffle Catalog. Take a look!

Click on the light flower to get the Grey House.


The puffles can now play and interact more! Go to your igloo and play, feed, and bathe your puffle! See what all your puffle can do!

For the last thing on the list, there is the upcoming events and parties. Take a look!


That’s it! Come back for more Club Penguin Cheats!




2 responses

14 02 2009

Hey great post!

I am from Club Penguin City just asking if you would like to join our ULTIMATE blogroll on our site! If you do please don’t hesitate to comment on my newest post saying you would like to join!

Here is what your comment should say:

1. Name you want on the Blogroll name ( Like Cpcheats ) or something – Like your name of your blog.

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5. After these steps are finished I will add you! 🙂

Thanks and here is my sites link below:

Thanks for your time!

-Club Penguin City 😀

14 02 2009

Hey Ajinator here saying Happy Valentine’s Day and also very cool post!

( I would appreciate it if you would comment back 😉 )

Thank-you and have a terrific day 🙂

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