2 02 2009

Hello, penguins!

There is a lot of new stuff! A new pin, a new Snow and Sports Catalog, newspaper, and blog from Billybob! First off, heres the new pin!

To get the Lily Pin, go to the Beacon, and its in the lower right hand corner…

flowerpinThe next thing is the Snow and Sports Catalog. Here are the cheats!

Well, first off I’m going to show you what’s new.

The first items that are new are the goalie gear!

goaliegearNext are the swimming and ballet items….

ballerinaswimAnd last are the furniture items!

newfurnitureThose items that Billybob released are the Climbing Wall and the Hand weights!! Click on the Climbing Wall to be able to buy the Rock Climber Gear!

mntnclimberNow, for the Silver Surfboard Cheat….

Click on the surfboard, then the shell, and then the starfish…



Now on to the new newspaper! (although a new one is about to come out again)

There’s not much in it, so I’ll just give you the upcoming events!


Finally the upcoming Lime Green Dojo Clean, a new Paint by Letters Book.


That’s it! ( but sorry about the late post…. i didnt have much time, and i did half this post on Friday, but didnt have enough time to finish, and i finally finished today!!)




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