Watex/Fever’s new site and Member Party Sneak Peek!!

5 01 2009

Hello, penguins!

I just wanted you to know that I have found Watex’s new site! So, don’t go to any other website that they call themselves “watex.” So, here it is… http://www.clubpenguintools.wordpress.com It is really him!!!!

(I feel really bad for him, having the number one club penguin cheats site and then having it banned for posting about some place that gives away free memberships….. so, I posted for him, so go there TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, anyways, Billybob and the team have been planning a member party, from Janruary 15-18. He says it is much more than a party, and that he has something special planned. He also said that a lot of the items in the new Penguin Style will come in handy!! Here it is!
Picture 1 event.jpg

It looks like some sort of 1970’s theme, or even some graffiti…. Comment on what YOU think it is!

That’s it!




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