A Lot of Stuff

30 11 2008

Hello, penguins!

Terribly sorry for posting about all this stuff so late, but I was on Thanksgiving vacation with no way to post. Once again, sorry…..

OK, I’ll start off with the new Snowflake pin, which can be found at the Beach.


Secondly, the new Snow and Sports catalog cheats.

To get the Silver Surfboard, click on the surfboard the penguin is holding, then the shell, and then the starfish. Then, the penguin will be holding a silver surfboard and you can buy it!


Next, click on the “N” in FURNITURE to get the Pommel Horse.


Also, there is a new stage in Club Penguin, and it is called the Fairy Fables.(not one of my favorites)


There is also a new Furniture Catalog.

Click on the Christmas Ribbon to get the Leaning Tree.


Click on the Control Terminal to get the Welcome Mat.


Last, click on the Guitar Stand to get the Music Stand.


Also, Billybob has released some more things we will be donating to for Coins For Change.

*Kids who are sick
*Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
*Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war


That’s it!




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