20 11 2008

Hello, penguins!

Sorry for posting so late, I’ve been stuck with tons of homework….

Anyways! Card-Jitsu is out, and here is how to play!

OK, the basics. Go to the Sensei, and click how to play. You will then get your starter deck, and can now play Card-Jitsu!

Now, for the rules. 1.Fire beats Snow

                              2.Snow beats Water

                              3.Water Beats Fire.

If you have the same kind of card, then the higher number wins. If they are the same, it results as a tie. If you use you special card, then the next turn, if there is a tie, then the lower card wins.

To win, you must get three of the same kind, but different colors,


or one of each kind, but different colors.


There are 9 different kinds of belts, black being the highest, white being the lowest. Once you get a black belt, you go face the Sensei. If you beat him, you can become a ninja!



That’s it!




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