Game Sneak Peek, Catalogs, and New Pin

7 11 2008

Hello, penguins!

I will start off with the multiplayer game sneak peek. It looks like….. WATER BALLOONS!!!!


Secondly, the Hair Catalog! Here are the hidden items…..

Click on the Spikester to get the Spikette.


There are two new hair styles in this final issue. The Chill and the Flouncy. Oh, and yes. FINAL ISSUE. Starting January 2009, the wig catalog will become part of the Penguin Style Catalog.

Here are the hidden items for the Penguin Style Catalog.

Click on the big snowflake on the first page to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque.


Click on the top of the tree to get the Russian Hat.


Click on the red penguin for the Red Viking Helmet, and Close it and open it 3 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.


Click on the second star to the left on the second row to get the Black Superhero Mask.


Click on the “N” in “Collection” to get the Black Scuba Mask.


Click on the “N” on the first “Clearance” to get the Mixed Bracelets.


And finally, click on the “N” on the second “Clearance” to get the Jade Necklace.


That’s all for the Catalogs, but don’t youthink that’s weird? Click on THREE N’s for SECRET STUFF.Ninja comes to my mind. There are three possible ninjas at the Dojo, and they are all secret, of course. NINJA, NINJA, NINJA!

OK, for the pin, go to the Forest to get the Snow Shovel Pin.


That’s it!




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