The Dojo Needs Our Help!

4 11 2008

Hello, penguins!

First off, I’m REALLY sorry about not posting about the Halloween party. I went on vacation and just got back…. So I’m really sorry I couldn’t post. I don’t want you to think I’m not a reliable blogger.

OK, weird stuff going on at the Dojo! The storm from the Halloween party destroyed the roof of the Dojo! So, they brought back the mining helmet, so people could work on the Dojo.


It looks almost as though the roof of the Dojo was burnt through. That means lighting!


Once you get to the top of the roof, there is a sign that says,”Dig out the Dojo” And under this sign there is a penguin that is digging it out. If you click on him, his name says “??????” and you can’t see his face from under his hat. Weird, right??? You can’t even go over and dig with him….


That’s all for now!

UPDATE—- I have just figured out something REALLY cool! NINJAS!!!

If you click on where I show you, a ninja will jump outside one of the three windows.It’s awesome!


Now, that’s all.




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