Third Year Anniversary+Newspaper#158

25 10 2008

Hello, penguins!

The Third Year Anniversary Party started today!

To get the Party Hat, click on the Wishmaker 3000. It will then blow over the cake, and there will be the party hat!

To get the 3 year cake pin, go to the Lounge. It will be on the table!

Go to the Book Room to look at the 07-08 Yearbook!

Also, go to the Coffee Shop to get the Ice Cream Apron. It’s good that they brought it back not to long after it was released, and not 1-2 years later.

In the Newspaper, it has a section over “A Storm Is Brewing” I wonder what that is going to cause on Club Penguin?

Here are the October-November upcoming events. I wonder why there was a correction on the Snow and Sports Catalog?

That’s it! Well, I forgot to tell you to go to Toys R’ Us and other participating stores to buy a new Club Penguin toy! See ya!




One response

26 10 2008

go to my blog for info on my 20,000 hits party!!!! 😀

comment if u can make it!!!


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