Fall Fair and CP Plush Toys!

29 09 2008

Hello, penguins!

The Fall Fair is out! (sorry for the late post AGAIN, I was at the soccer fields all weekend, so no time to post) The Fall Fair has brought some really cool stuff, but let’s go to the pin first.

You can find the Lollypop Pin at the lighthouse.

Ok, now the Fall Fair. The best way to earn the coins is to play Puffle Paddle. For further advice, only paddle 1-2 puffles at a time, in order to get the most amount possible. I paddled a puffle so many times, the I got 4-5 tickets per hit!

Then, once you have a lot of tickets, you can redeem them for prizes at the Forest!

Look! “More Prizes To Come” I wonder what it will be? Oh, and look! A second pin!

OK, for the members, here is the Arcade Circle. It’s pretty cool, but you can’t get that many coins off of it.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ok, and the ONE PLACE you just HAVE to visit is….. the Iceberg! It’s a giant playpen!

OK, that’s enough for the Fall Fair. Now, it’s the upcoming premier of the Club Penguin Plush Toys!

That’s it for now!




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