New CP Times

21 08 2008

Hello, penguins!

A new CP times came out today… It released some pretty cool stuff!

First of all, here are the upcoming events!(click to enlarge)

I wonder what they’ll do to celebrate the 150th CP Times! That should be cool!

They also released some important things about the Penguin Games, coming up tomorrow!

Rory and Rookie said that the events will include a cross-country marathon, a swim meet, and a track meet.

They also confirmed that you will have to work for the free items.

They also said that Gary will have a surprise something to keep track of the runners!

And here is one of my favorite parts….. There will be a soccer field at the Ice Rink!

But it might seem as only members can do it…. At least I’m one!(i might be wrong)

They also took a trip down memory lane…. All the way back to the beta testing!

That’s all for now!

Comment on what you think Gary’s surprise will be!




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22 08 2008

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