16 08 2008

Hello, penguins!

This is the day of my party!

It will be at SNOWCONE, at the near bottom of the list.

You see, Snowcone was the first server that I ever went on.So, I stuck to it!

Penguins that see this post, tell your friends, family, neighbors and more!






5 responses

16 08 2008
im a ligor ( the lazy person who dosent sign in! )

Aww man sorry, I couldn’t make it! I was on a friend’s boat today.

And sure i’ll add you to my blog roll! as long as you add me to yours! 🙂

P.S. A great way to get hits: Look down the screen and there is a thing, called: tags. If you add a tag to your post then when it is searched on the internet it will come up! This got me lots of hits! Don’t let your blog be unknown! Lots of great work here!

Waddle on!
~ im a ligor ~

17 08 2008

U dont have 2,000 hits evem

Awesome site!
Comment back!

~ Mmopuk ~

18 08 2008

We’ll rock the Dock to the cove
Pizza parlor party by the stove

Then after we’ll rock the Dojo
Play in the forts; throw some snow

Then we all go below to the pool
Because Club penguins really cool!

We can flip around the ice rink
Tippin’ the iceberg I hope we don’t sink

Then have a party at the dance club
Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Hey watch the grub!

Go Trasure Hunting, find some jewels
Because Club Penguin is really cool!

Getting kinda slow, gotta get a drink
Coffee shops got the beans, lemme think

We can go the stage and watch a play
Go sled racing in our inflatable sleigh

Go buy a red puffle I know he’ll rule,
Because Club Penguin is really cool!

19 08 2008

Im having on party on Club Penguin. Date: August 21st Server: Half Pipe Where: Zach A81s igloo Waddle on!

19 08 2008

oh i forgot the time sorry Time: 12:00 pst hope u make it!

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