Rockhopper and New Newspaper!

8 08 2008

Hello, penguins!

Rockhopper came today, and brought along with him some awesome stuff!

Finally, there is another shoe free item! Look at what Rockhopper brought!(click to enlarge)

Click on the Steering Wheel to get the Life Ring.

Plus, you can now find all the pieces to the blueprint! Here they are:

There’s one at the Dock.

There’s one at the Beach.

There’s one at the Coffee Shop.

There’s one at the Cove.

There’s one at the Iceberg.

There’s one at the Mine.

There’s one at the pool, make sure you get it, because it moves in and out

of the screen.

And finally, there’s one at the Pet Shop.

After all of this, you’ll get the Blueprint Background! It’s pretty cool.

Oh, and there will be the Penguin Games coming up from the 22-26 of August.

I’ll really like the idea of soccer being there, because I love and play soccer!

Here are the updates from the Newspaper. (click to enlarge)

Plus, the new Aqua Grabber level is out! Go try it out!(click to enlarge)

Have fun!




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