ATTENTION: All Silver Stars!!!

2 06 2008

Hello, penguins!!!! I am very excited to make this anouncement!!


We will be having it on June 3rd, 2008 on the Server Snowcone

(bottom of the USA) At the pool. Make sure that you wear your uniform, or

something very near it. Oh, and it is at 4:00 CPTZ, make sure you make it!!!

Oh, and here’s why I chose the pool as our official room. There is a moving

target. Well, actually 2. They are the fish in the window, as well as the crab. There is also the Lifetube

on the wall. We can try to hit the direct center of it. There are 3 wakeboards,or

whatever they’re called, that we can fire at, pretending that they are penguins.(they

are about the size of penguins)Oh, and one more thing. There are those blue, red, and

white circles on the line in the middle of the pool. They serve as perfect mini targets

to fire at. I will be watching all the Silver Stars very carefully. For at 10 Silver Stars,

we will have promotion day. NO HITTING INNOCENT PENGUINS!!!!! If you do, you will

go down a rank automatically. Comment if you are not a Silver Star, if you

want to, to say you would like to join the Silver Stars and would like to attend the

practice, also list the other armies that you are with. If you are a Silver Star, and can’t make it,

please comment saying so. PLEASE TRY TO RECRUIT!!! See ya there!!!

~Sushi1896-leader of the Silvers~


Oh, and I know that this is extremely off topic, but I found a glitch!

If you zoom in 400 percent on the home page of the CP website, then scroll

over all the way to the right or left, then you can see the boat(s), green puffle,

and jet-pack penguin, waitng behind the screen to go from one end to another!!!







One response

2 06 2008

Heres your new banner : But the last two pictures you said wasnt able to load or anything! So I just put the url of your site there!


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