Ninja + Migrator

13 04 2008

                                                                 Hello! I’ve done the impossible by catching a ninja! Look at this! Ninja Test05 has dissapeared! *NO, THIS IS NOT A GLITCH*

I looked at the whole page, and there wasn’t another of the same name that you could see!

But, get this…. I saw two of him, but you could see them both!!! Yes, they both had

the exact same name! I SAW THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!! Oh, and I also saw a penguin

named Test Server2. W-E-I-R-D



 Oh, and sorry about not posting about the Migrator yet…. Well, it’s done!(you probably know that) It’s pretty cool, but it seems like

you should be able to get a free item… I wonder when the Captain’s Courters will be unlocked..

Oh, well.. See ya then!!!








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