Here are some tips for games and secret places!

23 03 2008

CaRt Surfer

When playing Cart Surfer, you will get the most points by doing a back-flip. To do One, press the down arrow key, then the space bar.

Catchin’ Waves

Before playing Catchin’ Waves, buy an awesome surfboard, then buy a red puffle. The red puffle will surf with you and get you extra points. The awesome surfboard will just plain make you look good!

Find Four 

While playing Find Four, try to make a trick play. As an example, try to make it to where you can get 4 in a row, 2 ways at a time. (instead of focusing on one way only)

The Dojo

Have you ever heard of the Dojo? Well, it’s a secret place on Club Penguin.If you look on the map, it is the purple mountain at the top!




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