Egg-xXiting Easter Egg Hunt

23 03 2008

Boy, is this Easter Egg HUnt easy! Well, sort of…Here’s some cheats on where the eggs are!Here are where the eggs are hidden!

1. The first egg is the lantern in the Mine.

2.The second egg is on the edge of the Dock.(a blue bulb on a post)

3.The third egg is in the Pet Shop disguised as a red puffle.

4.The fourth egg is the green, prickly egg on top of the shelf in the Bookroom.

5.The fifth egg is the green egg with the cane and tuxedo on the poster in the Gift Shop.

6.The sixth egg is the left light bulb in front of the Stage.

7.The seventh egg is in the box in the bottom left corner of the Attic.

8.The eighth egg is a ninja-like egg that moves around secretly in the Dojo.

WOOHOO!!! And just like that, you get the Green Bunny Ears!!!




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