5 10 2009

Just saying hi! I haven’t posted in 3 months, but be looking around for me on Club Penguin! I’m FROZEN in a MAMMOTH in a YELLOW DUCKY SUIT


Ruby and Ruby at the Stage

10 07 2009

Hello, penguins!

Wow, I haven’t posted in like, 2 months! I nearly quit because of my blog stats trouble, but I have just decided that that’s not a reason to quit. So, here is the latest cheat on Club Penguin.

Ruby and Ruby has just come out on Club Penguin, and this is what it looks like.


Well, here it is! Hopefully I will post soon again!

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We Pick a Wig Color!

7 05 2009

Hello, penguins!

Billybob has released a new post on a wig color for the latest wig style. Here is the post

Hello Penguins!

Last month, it was so cool when you guys chose the medieval background because we heard from so many of you. You totally flooded the blog with your comments (you actually broke a blog comment record!) – and you’ll see your first choice tomorrow when the special medieval catalog becomes available!
And today… We’ve got another challenge for you. We’d love for you to decide on the color for this new wig design that’s going to come out in the June Penguin Style!!

may7bloghair.jpgSo…We really want to hear from you!! Take a look at the sketch and the color choices, and let us know if you want blonde, dark red-brown, or blue.

We’ll announce the results on Monday – and you’ll get to wear the winning wig when the catalog comes out on June 5!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

There is also a new newspaper out on Club Penguin! Here are the upcoming events.

New Play Coming!

4 05 2009

Hello, penguins!

Billybob has released a new post, and it is about the new stage play that is coming on May 8, the same time the Medieval Party starts! Here is the post!

Hello Penguins!
What do you get when you mix up some actors and a ghost… a detective and a hysterical singer? We hope you get a new Club Penguin play that you say is really cool! The newspaper will have an update for you on Thursday, but I managed to get this picture for you to ponder…

The new play will start this Friday, May 8 (the same day as the start of the Medieval Party)! Tell us about your favorite ways to be creative at the Stage!!
Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Well, that’s it! come back for more Club Penguin cheats!

Pay Checks!

2 05 2009

Helloo, penguins!

It’s amazing! I’m posting again! Sorry for the gap in posting. First off, I was sick with what was supposedly the flu, hopefully not the swine flu. Then, I got braces. My mouth is still sore, but I’m now over all that and I’m getting back to work.

So, yesterday, Club Penguin sent out a check to all the penguins who are Secret Agents and Tour Guides. They give you 250 for your good work for each job! You will receive these every month.



Well, that’s it for right now, and I should be a ble to post normally from now on. Sorry for the big time gap!

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My Stats…

23 04 2009

Hello, penguins!

My stats are messed up. Last time I checked my views, I had like, 4,012 or something like that. You can even check my posts. A while back I had a celebration post about my 2,000 hits. Now, I have 1,231. It is really weird and I hope that it gets fixed. Someone please tell me if this has happened to someone else. Thanks!

Party Sneak Peek!

14 04 2009

Hello, penguins!

Billybob has released a sneak peek of the upconing Medieval Party! He also reveiled which background won the pole! Here is the post.

Hello Penguins!

Your comments from Wednesday’s blog have decided the background – We’ve looked carefully at our French, Portuguese, and English comments and the clear winner was Choice #3!
med3.jpgI wasn’t going to announce the name of the party yet, but a lot of you guessed… and you were right – it’s the Medieval Party! It’ll go from May 8 – 17. Thanks for all your feedback. We love to hear from you about what you want to see. And speaking of the Medieval Party… I got a glimpse of some of the things that the team is working on.

medievalsneekpeek.jpgSome of you might remember the party from last year and we’re working really hard to bring back your favorite parts. I also hear there will be something special for members…

Until then… Waddle on!

Pretty cool, huh? Well, that’s it for now! C”ome back for more Club Penguin Cheats!